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Winter Bonanza : Sept - March
Summer Splash : April - August

Packages of Botanix :

  • Day Conference
  • Day Outing
  • Night Residential Stay
  • Outward Bound Trainings
  • Yoga & Wellness Programme

Package will include following:

  • Activities Obstacle Course – consisting of Burma Bridge, Spider's Web, Walk on Air, Balance Walk, Hurdle Wall.
  • Pottor's Wheel, Cricket, Football & Volley Ball.
  • Last but not the least series of Landscaped Gardens spread in over 40 acres to enjoy the beauty of Nature to do any outbound training.

Farm Tourism :

  • Experience And Discover the Simplicity of Village Experience,Potter Wheel, Cow Milking Traditional Cooking, Mattha Making.

Adventure Tour :

  • Children can enjoy here with adventurous tour in Evening under the sky: Children learn to apply their minds to entertain themselves without being dependent on gadgets. Bonfires, sing-alongs, barbeques... And the stars!