Life In Botanix



“ The marcels of nature. The complexity and simplicity of plant and animal life. The laws of attraction, reproduction, survival. ”



“ Turn back the clock 10, 20, 30, years BP. Before Pollution, before stress, before we destroyed it all. Lush greens, pulsating purples, radiant yellow, ravishing reds. ”



“ Nirvana! The wonder of Boatnix. Where styled gardens flow happily into other in an exquisite and unique exhibition of Nature's absolute brilliance. Clear your mind, unwind get refreshed ”

Back to roots

It has been designed to educate children about rural India and its functioning

Plant Nursery

A treasure trove for plant lovers, this place is a versatile resource Centre for gardening


This program brings you closer to nature


It is designed to help guests understand the importance of conservation of resources in a fun way

Theme Diversity Village

Live the countryside life and discover cultural heritage. Listen to the sweet music of nature, plant trees, Ride a bullock cart and fill your stomach with organic food