Botanix Advantages

Location Advantage

  • Just 25 K.M. away from Gurgaon
  • Adjacent to Taj Gateway Resort
  • Adjacent to Botanix Resort
  • 40 K.M. Drive from IGI Airport
  • just 10 K.M. away from Westin Sohna Resort & Spa
  • Walk-in distance to Damdama Lake

Educational Hub:

  • just 10 K.M. away from GD Goenka School - Sohna
  • just 10 K.M. away from GD Goenka University - Sohna
  • just 12 K.M. away from K R Manglam University - Sohna

  • The joy of a panoramic view of the Aravili hills makes the land an object of desire
  • Lots of Luxury Residential Projects already running nearby Greater Gurgaon i.e. Supertech , Central Park - 3 , ILD and many more.

Botanix Advantages

The real purpose of Botanix, as the name exemplifies, is to teach people about nature and guide them to fall in love with it. Botanix blends style with nature, thereby promoting the spirit of ecological responsibility with minimal impact on the environment. It is a true diversified destination for nature lovers and for people who wants to understand the life with nature. Botanix is functioning for the last five years as a nature resort destination catering to the corporate and schools. The resort has 19 luxury tents and 14 mud houses, full kitchen to cater to 500+ people and fun facilities such as adventure zone, pain ball, dirt bikes, Hot air balloon, Zorbing, rock climbing, orchidarium, green houses, plant nurseries and many more.

Theme Diversity Village To experience the cherished aroma of the countryside. To listen to the musical jingle of nature. To fill your lungs with pure air. To Plant tot seeds. To Ride bullock cart. To relish organic food. To Discover cultural heritage. To experience many spontaneous joys of nature that you may have never known before!

Advantages of Greenhouses

  • The yield may be 10-12 times higher than that of out door cultivation depending upon the type of greenhouse, type of crop, environmental control facilities.
  • Reliability of crop increases under greenhouse cultivation.
  • Ideally suited for vegetables and flower crops.
  • Year round production of floricultural crops and Off-season production of vegetable and fruit crops.
  • Disease-free and genetically superior transplants can be produced continuously.
  • Efficient utilization of chemicals, pesticides to control pest and diseases.
  • Water requirement of crops very limited and easy to control.
  • Maintenance of stock plants, cultivating grafted plant-lets and micro propagated plant-lets.
  • Hardening of tissue cultured plants
  • Production of quality produce free of blemishes.
  • Most useful in monitoring and controlling the instability of various ecological system.
  • Modern techniques of Hydroponic (Soil less culture), Aeroponics and Nutrient film techniques are possible only under greenhouse cultivation.